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Hello EBC Family

In the Word of God, we are taught that God knows what we need, and He will provide for it.  God often uses people to meet the needs of people.  This pattern continues in his church.  God uses believers to meet the needs of believers.  EBC is a blessed church with many gifted, creative, resourceful members.  In our ministry, you will often hear it said, whatever the need, "it's in the house."  Often, we find the resources and help we need is not outside the walls, but "in the house."   As Christians, we all have spiritual gifts purposed for the building up of the church.  Also, we have talents, skills, and experiences we use in our daily lives, and for some, that's providing goods and services.  "In the house, we have business owners, entrepreneurs, service providers, skilled labor, and professionals who have the experience and expertise to be of service to others in need.  We are grateful that the WRW ministry has taken the initiative to put together a business directory to let our EBC family know who and what's "in the house."  When you are in need of goods and services, please consider the answer of what you need may very well be "in the house." - Pastor James Turner

Hello EBC Family!

"Everything We Need is In The House!"

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