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Pamela Nelson


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Phone: 909-684-3567


Hello! My name is Pamela Nelson. My parents migrated to California from Louisiana. My mother was a fervent nurturer, teaching her children Christian values and dignity. With her “southern” upbringing she made a point that her daughter would be a good candidate for a responsible, Christian man who was
also humble and a hard worker. At the age of eight, I had domestic chores; cooking and sewing, while my three brothers did the outside chores of maintaining and grooming the curb appeal of our home. By 10

years old my daily chore, even after a hard day at school, (Lol) was to make the rice for dinner. By 15 when my fourth brother was born, I was responsible for the whole dinner.

As an adult I continued my interest in sewing, making prom dresses, bridesmaids dresses for family and friends, and eventually making my children's’ clothes throughout their childhood. I did this with an aspiration to one day have my own business designing clothes. However, having to work outside the
home with a long commute each day didn’t deter my creativity, it actually took me to a place of peace, even into the wee hours of the morning.

Since my retirement, I have made myself busy designing and making children’s clothes for sale and crafting greeting cards.  With the onset of COVID, I started making Face Masks for family and friends. This has consumed a lot of my time and finding new and creative ways to make the masks has heightened my enjoyment of crafting! I still aspire to have my own business and I am enjoying the journey!

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