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Gerald Shavers

License #s:

0760351, 898636, 3333781, 1293279


Phone:  909-979-4700



Shaver Protection Planning

My name is Gerald Shavers and  I am the owner of Shavers Protection Planning.  We are extended care (long-term) protection planning advisors that have been in business since 1988.  We believe there is perhaps no other unexpected serious event in life that has the potential of causing serious if not irreversible consequences to a family than a need for care over an extended period of years.  We are one of the few advisor firms in the industry focused on extended care protection planning strategies.  We believe due to the complexities of the important issue, it requires focused commitment.  

My focus has been extended care planning because of my personal struggle of caring for my mother.  The challenges our family faced when she became ill were financially and emotionally draining.  

If you know of anyone that may need our services, please call us.  We are licensed in California, Texas, Georgia, and Arizona to offer extended care planning and life insurance.  We also offer life insurance as a broker for over 25 different carriers and we are ready to assist you and your needs.  

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