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Jacqueline Stokes


While the familiar saying is, “I want to be a doctor, lawyer, or Indian Chief when I grow up," Jacqueline’s passion was to become a flight attendant and travel the world. Her path did not take her there immediately.  However, after many years of working in administrative/managerial positions in private industry, governmental agencies, and law enforcement, she grabbed her first opportunity to dive into the travel industry. In fact, her first independent travel booking was for a Bahamas Cruise with a group of 66 people during a time when cruises were considered on the "bucket list" and were not nearly as popular as they aretoday. Jacqueline was able to show her clients that travel was available and affordable to everyone.

As a Travel Agent/Advisor for 30+ years, Jacqueline has seen the travel industry evolve into what it is today. Her mission is to provide professional, trusted travel services, while assisting individuals, groups, and non-profit organizations with enhanced travel experiences. Jacqueline ensures excellent customer service by providing the most value and efficient quality arrangements.

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